Monday, February 21, 2005

up and down

splattermail will be undergoing a facelift and general how's your father in the next few days. so please be patient. also, if you are using http://splattermail.blogspot.com to get here, please start using www.splattermail.org.
if you're using an rss aggregator, ther's a good chance a bunch of old messages will come flooding through again. we'll try limit this to a minimum if possible (but probably not). (we will keep the original feedburner rss url)

splattermail is commited to giving you, the "wasting billable hours" reader, the best we can dredge up from under any nook, cranny, granny, and crevice. please don't be pissed if the site is not available, it will only be for a few minutes at a time.

this is a recording.

(salami, please answer your vokkin' phone, you need to transfer the domain)

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