Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Team America....fuck, yeah!

HO-LEE crappers! Went to watch Team America: World Police last night, and JEEZ - we laughed until we were farting and crying uncontrollably, and then some. This is a funny movie.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame have outdone themselves with this Thunderbirds-inspired effort, featuring a cast of marionettes. Team America ties together practically every single action movie stereotype employed in Hollywood since...well, since Hollywood first started making action movies. Think Bruckheimer-meets-Lucas-meets-Woo, and then throw in a fucking cheese board, wrapped up in not-so-subtle references to such genre-busting flicks as Star Wars, The Matrix and pretty much every Stephen Segal or Van Damme movie ever vomited onto celluloid. And oh yes, there's even a little vomit sequence that almost made me toss my dinner over the seat in front of me.

The movie, suprisingly enough, manages to reflect a degree of conscience, and (fairly enough) pokes fun at both the American Republican extreme right (or, "the dicks") and the Democratic liberal left ("the pussies"), the latter of whom are represented by the Film Actors Guild, or F.A.G, under the leadership of the "greatest actor in the world", Alec Baldwin. Sheesh, I'm still laughing.

Even more wonderful, and this isn't a spoiler, is the fact that South Africa gets to see the uncut version of the movie. The US, being the prudes that they are, demanded that a scene, featuring the male and female "leads" engaging in all kinds of overly-explicit conduct (including doggie, 69er, and a blozzer - to name a few), be removed shortly prior to the film's US release. We get to see it. And HEYZUS MARIMBA it is funny.

If you see one movie this month, make sure its Team America: World Police.

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