Sunday, February 20, 2005

Splattermail's Sosatie of the Month (courtesy of Jo'blog)

I'd like everyone to meet Kate. Kate, meet Splattermail. Kate is from KZN, and was one of the finalists in FHM's Homegrown Honeys competition. Which is not surprising in the slightest, I might add.

We have requested Kate to provide us with more photos of herself (because we can't possibly have too many, can we?), preferably in her underwear, but we've got wildly overactive imaginations, so we're not too fussy about that. So Kate - we're waiting with bated breath...

Well...what do you think?

Finally, but very importantly, full credit must go to Rich...! at Jo'blog for introducing us all to Kate. Splattermail has merely "borrowed" her, for want of a better word. We owe you big time, dude!

Now...Kate and I are going to enjoy some quiet time together, if you know what I mean.

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