Thursday, February 17, 2005

Splattermail looking for a new home

Rooi'ters At the annual general barbeque last night, the salami and smg decided to look at the possibility of moving splattermail away from blogspot and on to a separate hosting solution. With a fatty peice of lamb flank in his fingers, smg hinted at the greater opportunities for more media rich web posts including links to video and pictures.
"but we don't have any moola" the salami replied with a meat frown.

The hunt has begun for a hosting sponsor. please send brief (1 to 5 words including thong shot) proposals to splattermail @ gmail.com.
We are prepared to say absolutely marvelous things about your company and even put a logo / optimised text link alongside selected thong shots.

Otherwise, we're just going to keep posting pictures of The Hof.











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