Monday, February 07, 2005

Home pole dancing kit

"Peekaboo Pole Dancing is the world's first fantasy pole dancing game designed for use in the home. It's a giggle and a cheeky peek into the art of pole dancing without going the whole hog of getting the builders in to fit a permanent pole."

Cool. The site even has a demo video, which has a distinctive Verimark feel about it. The model I bought comes with an inflatable pole dancer - just velcro her hands around the pole, pull out the air plug and watch her dance.

And don't forget...Peekaboo Lap Dancing: "Unleash the sexy, lap dancing diva inside with the Peekaboo Home Lap Dancing Kit. Soon you'll be flaunting it everynight with Peekaboo's easy to learn guide book and game."

Maybe I'll do some Peekaboo shopping for my folks for their wedding anniversary next month.

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