Thursday, February 17, 2005

Happy Birthday, Paris!!

Indeed! For today, a mere 24 years ago, the most beautiful creature ever to walk the Earth was born to the meek and humble Hilton family. Perennially tanned, eternally captivating, and blessed with a pair of sticks that not even God himself would beat upon His heavenly drums, Paris has become a bastion for all things good and pure in the world today.

The Salami and Splattermail wish you all of the best, Paris. We hope your 25th year brings you all the fruits you so deserve, and showers good fortune upon you and your kin. You will forever be in our prayers and dreams.

Jeez, I really, really want to fuck her little brains out now. Um, sorry.

Cape Town's 2oceansvibe have compiled a beautiful gallery of everyone's favourite girl, but you'd better catch it before midnight (or so we believe).

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