Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Formula

One of my mates in Cape Town is a devoted subscriber to a dating/scoring phenomenon affectionately known as "The Formula". "The Formula" is a method of female selection that took...um, let's just call him le Riche...years of painstaking research, experimentation, rejection, heartbreak, failure (enough already) to develop, and for as long as I've known him, it has consistently rewarded him with...well, "Formula Girls". Kudos.

Once you get past all the maths, chemistry and psychology, "The Formula" is relatively easy to explain, and can be summed up in one short equation:

X = short chicks + big tits

(an artist's rendition of "The Formula")

If we are all to follow the wisdom of le Riche, as he would no doubt advocate, then everyone should develop a formula of their own. Mine is quite simple:

X = Paris + Hilton

or even

X = Gisele
+ Britney (before she got busted) + Jessica Alba

Take some time to work out your own formula. Mine is still very much in its conceptual stage, but I'm hoping to start with some practical experimentation next month. Probably in my bathroom.




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