Monday, January 24, 2005

Salami Army vs SuperSport Park

On Saturday, a group of mismatched miscreants descended on a muddy, boerewors-infested SuperSport Park in Centurion for what was effectively the first day of the now-doomed final test match against (spit) England.

We quickly set about establishing a local record at the bar at the Hennops End by ordering 14 draughts per round. Whilst we were very proud with ourselves, 14 draughts on a hot, muddy day, in what is arguably the largest congregation of boers and poms in a single place since the 1899 - 1902 series (the poms won that too - who knows what the end result would have been if we'd won the toss?), is not really that much. But we'll take the record.

It was a smashing day, and great fun was had by all, I reckon. We all got shitfaced, sunburnt and covered in mud - which really is the only way to get at the cricket. Heading into the final hour, a big, dark cloud sent us packing prematurely - but we all left with wonderful memories, most notably of this ugly bitch and her fantabulous mullet:

Our grand idea of raping and pillaging the car park as we left didn't pan out as expected. This was pretty much the closest we came. The shot was taken only seconds before they told us to "fuck off and die" and stole our place in the queue at the parking lot exit.

In hindsight....OOOOOH-ZUS! And the dental plan?

I settled with raping and pillaging myself when we got home. It was good.

Viva The Salami Army!

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