Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"Old School" revisited

Duke University sucks.

"DURHAM, N.C. - In what police say was an homage to the movie "Old School", partying Duke University students were found in a fraternity house basement with an inflatable pool, a whole lot of baby oil and women in bikinis.

Police came upon the scene early Sunday after responding to a noise complaint.

"Inside were several of America's future, re-enacting a scene from the movie 'Old School,' where females wrestle in a pool of lubricants," police Sgt. D. Gunter said. In their version, the Duke students apparently opted for baby oil.

Officers said they cleared the house of the 200 revelers, sending some of the women home in the subfreezing temperatures in nothing more than the bikinis they wore.

Nicholas Hunter Roberts, who lives at the address, was charged with violating the city's noise ordinance, a misdemeanor that carries a $150 fine.

There has been ongoing tension between students and residents of the neighborhoods that adjoin Duke's East Campus. Other weekend parties in the area resulted in noise ordinance charges and a marijuana possession charge." (Yahoo)

Frankly (ha ha), I'm a little bit upset that we somehow never managed to kick this off at UCT. Cape Town girls are prudes (but, lets face it, they're the hottest prudes in the world).

I reckon, at the next Salami Games, we make sure that we have a KY wrestling competition - come to think of it, wasn't Harps supposed to organise one at his place, like, last year already? Come on Harps, don't let us down! You're my boy, Blue!

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