Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The hottest woman in the world...2005

AskMen.com have released their portfolio of the hottest 99 women for 2005...TODAY!! So get it while its still blistering! I was quite suprised, although not devastated, to find that supermodel Adriana Lima has been voted as the 2005's number 1. Let's face it - she's a smokin' vision of wonderment, and she gives me goosebumps in my special place.

I haven't had a chance to flick through the whole list yet - I actually do have other work to get to as well - but I really want to know where Paris Hilton fits into the whole thing. After all, I love her and want to marry her and have her babies, so it would be nice to know exactly how hot the rest of the world thinks she is. I'd be pretty bleak if she banged me up and then all my mates told me she was actually a troll and awarded me with some kind of stupid floating trophy (as they do).

I get to see my love every time I drive south from Sandton on the M1 - there's a lovely Guess billboard with her flashing some cut-my-eyes-out-with-lust leg. Note to self: get a photo for Splattermail.

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