Friday, January 21, 2005

Aaah...female merkins

The merkin is a strange beast indeed. Personally, the balder the mott, the happier The Salami. If I wanted a floss and a facial scrub, I would have booked appointments with my oral hygienist and dermatologist, both of whom are clean shaven. Or so I fantasise.

Female pubic hair is an odd phenomenon. Women don't like having hair anywhere else on their bodies (bar their heads and their eyebrows), so why the hell should there be any debate about whether their beautiful places should be bushy or not? I'm quite happy to compromise on a well-pruned brazilian or landing strip, even a little bonzai rose shrub, but for fuck's sake - the woolly mammoths that characterised 70's and 80's smut, like their ancient, less metaphoric predecessors, should by now be extinct.

And I'm a Millenium Man - I'll keep my golden locks of love well trimmed, if that's what the ladies are looking for. Also, it adds an inch or two to your schlong - old Jedi porn star mind trick.

Anyways, enough about this. If you really gotta getta merkin, here's the place.

How bout sharing your thoughts on this highly contraversial, yet topical and meaningful issue?

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