Monday, December 13, 2004

Yip, its Flavor Flav

...and don't I feel stupid for giving him 2 bucks at the corner of Glenhove and Oxford on Saturday afternoon (see the post below if you need context). FYI, this guy's a big time rapper.

WOW!! So Quasimodo did have sex with a vervet monkey!! That solves that mystery. This dude is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen (other than The Grudge, which I saw last night and which literally made me cry like a little girl).

What the fuck is the deal with the enormous clocks? Is he trying to make a statement? Like: "I'm as illiterate as I look"? Jeez. Maybe he should sell his stupid clocks and go to the dentist. Unless he doesn't want to compromise his loyal Cape Flats following, that is. I dunno.

Just when I think I might actually understand the mentality of the entertainment industry, nimrods like this Nimrod come along and fuck it all up for me. So thanks for nothing.

PS. Toadie, notice how I deliberately avoided any reference to you apropos height and issues with analog clocks? (Oops.)


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