Thursday, December 09, 2004

Woolworths withdraws fiery gravy

From IOL:

Beware: the label on the festive gravy you bought at Woolworths could light up when heated in your microwave, according to an advertisement placed by the company in Thursday's Cape Argus.

The cause of the problem is the foil base on which the label was printed, according to the company.

Only the festive gravy pouches, found on non-refrigerated shelves, have been affected. It has the bar code number 60019006004W and has been on sale since November 27.

The gravy is safe to use but has to be decanted into a microwaveable container, the ad says.

However, customers are free to return the product for a refund.

On reading the heading I thought it was just too spicy, but then i guess it would have read: "Woolworths withdraws fiery gravy after man blows o-ring"

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