Wednesday, December 15, 2004

On a serious note...

In the absence of salami, I've decided to post something a bit more serious:

Drinking game puts Perth man near death
A 21-year-old Perth man is lucky to be alive after having his stomach ripped open during a beer-skolling game using a home-made device powered by an electric pump.

The drinking game at a 21st birthday party in a southern suburb 10 days ago went badly wrong, rupturing the man's stomach and forcing beer straight into his abdomen.

The man, who is in St John of God Hospital in Murdoch and spent a week in intensive care fighting for his life, was among a group of friends at a private party who used the device.

It is believed to have consisted of a helmet fitted with a jug from which a hose was attached to a pump that was powered by a power drill.

Another hose from the pump was placed in his mouth and the pump was switched on, pushing beer from the jug down his throat.

The man, a mechanical drafter who did not want his name published, said yesterday that about six other party-goers had used the "jug helmet" before him.

"No one else had any problems and I didn't think it would be any different to other things like funnels that people use," he said.

"But I knew something wasn't right soon after I drank from it. I started spewing up red stuff and was in a lot of pain."

The story continues here - The West Australian

(original post found on boing boing)

In other news, the guys at Jo'blog have posted a video clip of them being interviewed on the telly get it while its still warm (but cooling)

disclaimer: its a big file 22mb, and there are no naked women at all :(




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