Monday, December 13, 2004

Merry Christmas, from Victoria's Secret

In the true spirit of Christmas, the Angels Across America gals strip down to their pants and bras and give the seduction game their very best. I wasn't really seduced all that much. Sure, they're all fucking hot, and I'd give a year's salary to bang any one of them, but they'd better just keep their annoying yaps shut. They're supermodels, for Santa's sake!! Don't expect them to utter anything remotely emotional or intelligent whilst they're trying to look sexy at the same time. Prioritise, prioritise - the whole thing would have been much better if they'd just had melting ice cubes in their mouths. So that the water could trickle down their chins, and run along the...yikes.

You have been warned! Watch this with sound at your peril.

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