Wednesday, December 01, 2004

How to be gay, by Colin Farrell

Yikes. It really looks like he's enjoying it too, doesn't it? Yet Colin describes the experience as follows: "When you feel his stubble against your lip, it's repulsive to me, as repulsive to me as for a lot of gay men the idea of putting their tongue near a pussy is—something that, for me, is akin to heaven sometimes."

I gotta be honest. The wood I had from looking at porn not 4 minutes ago crashed against my thigh in a little pile of wrinkles. And since there was no one else in the office to hear it, it made no sound.

The Salami is no homophobe. I just don't like the sight of gay men kissing. It gives me the shivers. I also don't like the sight of lions killing cute little gazelles. BUT - and here's the clincher - its just nature, and its not for everyone.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy looking at Colin Farrell kissing another man, then pop over to the tutorial, featuring more pictures. And I know there are some closet gaylord Splattermail readers out there too.

PS. The link was sent to me.

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