Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Harrison Ford on Indy IV

The Indy Experience
lists a few questions and answers from a recent interview with Harrison Ford backstage at the premiere of the upcoming Nick Nolte/Don Cheadle/Joaquin Phoenix/Djimon Hounsou movie, Hotel Rwanda (shot on location in...Johannesburg). Han Solo had this to say about the eagerly anticipated fourth instalment in the Indiana Jones series.

"IESB.net: Is Indy 4 still going to be made?
Ford: "No doubt about it."

IESB.net: George
[Lucas] has always mentioned that this is his version of a Bond story. Do you think that a younger version of Indy will ever be recast for future feature films?
Ford: "No problem with a younger actor taking on Indiana Jones, but Indy IV is mine."

IESB.net: Will you be doing your own stunts for Indiana Jones 4?
Ford: "At least some of them."

IESB: Are you happy with the script?
Ford: "I hear that George Lucas is happy with the way the new draft is turning out

Yee-ha!! It had better not suck! Keep watching Splattermail for more...

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