Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Archangel Ricardo

AWF wrestling superstar Archangel's real identity:

and in his super-suit:

We thought he was some kind of thug, after he boldly introduced himself while we were having a quiet (cheap) drink at the Zoo Lake Bowling club. The photo above is a lot more tame than what he looks like in real life - Gold front teeth fillings, shaved head, a serious potty mouth, and neck muscles that he forced me to hit to prove how hard they were (i was going to point out to him that his love handles didn't look that hard but I didn't feel like receiving a Tombstone or The People's Elbow on the bowling green) . Now that I'm his "friend" I can call him on his mobile and get free tickets. cool hey?

Judging by his partners in crime below, he's in good company:



Lightning Lodie

AWF wrestling website

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