Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Yale 1: Harvard 0

"In a rivalry that is 121 years old, students at Yale University successfully pulled off the most impressive prank in the history of rival pranks.

The students faked being members of the "Harvard Pep Squad," passing out pieces of paper to the Harvard side of the stadium.

These Harvard fans were told that the pieces of paper would join together to spell "GO HARVARD." Little did they know, when held up at just the right moment, the pieces actually spelled "WE SUCK."

While this was not an original idea, it was still a great feat in and of itself. The prank was reminiscent of the Great Rose Bowl Hoax on January 2, 1961." juicynewsdaily

And here's a great little site dedicated to telling the world that Harvard sucks (videos and pictures available).

Now that's one fucking prank! Imagine organising shit like that? I recall Maties trying to do it to UCT at the 1998 intervarsity, but the four people who were given pieces of paper quickly worked out what they were up to. Stupid Maties.

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