Friday, November 26, 2004

Stupid robber

"A spectacularly unsuccessful thief was trapped and on display for arriving police, who needed inside help getting their man out and under arrest.

The 33-year-old broke into a pawn shop in downtown Oslo, but as he smashed the window at the entrance the alarm went off, sending an rolling iron gate crashing down behind him.

The thief was then trapped and on display while waiting for police to respond to the alarm. Nearly half an hour later, the law arrived.

"We have control of one person but he is not yet apprehended," the first patrol on the scene reported. "Well, there isn't much of a difference here really," head of operations replied.

But bringing their man in did take some effort as the lock resisted the efforts of both police and security guards to open it from the outside. The extraction of the caged burglar was only managed when police lent him their tools and he opened the lock himself.

"Don't take photos, that's double punishment," the man said while caged.

The 33-year-old claimed he didn't smash the entrance window, but had no explanation for his bloody hands or who else had arranged the break-in that left him trapped." Aftenposten

Fucking moron. If that had to happen in South Africa, the guy would have thought of some ingenious way of stealing the security gate.

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