Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Paris v Tara: let the games begin

Ooh, a slut challenge! My favourite! Clearly Ms Hilton was a little upset with her boozing buddy Tara Reid's attempt to "snatch" the spotlight with her boob-flashing antics, so she engaged in a little indecent exposure of her own. And now we have a lovely (if you look close enough) picture of Paris's box (not that we haven't all seen it before, right?).

And in case you thought we were going to put this issue to bed (oh, please, please, please - both of them? Too much!), Splattermail has tracked down the video of Tara's little slip. Especially for those of you sceptics who still thought it was all just an elaborate photoshop stunt.

Simply click on the picture to link to the vid.

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