Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Garden of Eden

"The Duchess of Northumberland has won permission to grow cannabis, opium, magic mushrooms and cocaine.

The Duchess has been given Home Office approval to grow drugs for educational purposes in her garden at Alnwick Castle.

The Times says visitors will be able to admire - but not pick - marijuana plants, opium poppies, magic mushrooms, tobacco and the coca plant, the source of cocaine.

They will take their place alongside 50 other dangerous plants in what will be Britain's largest public poison garden.

The Duchess said: "The Poison Garden will offer a new avenue, outside the classroom, to get people talking about the misuse of drugs, most of which grow in nature.

"I am interested in the power of plants and how they have been used not only to cure but to poison and kill."
" Ananova

Wow! I wonder if she's looking for gardeners? Frankly, I think her "Posion Garden" excuse is just a giant, steaming pile of bullshit - and I'm sure the truth will come out when neighbours begin complaining about the psychedelic trance pumped out to "help the flowers grow", and the van loads of "botanist" hippies that arrive daily to "conduct research".

And what the fuck is "admiring" the plants all about? That's like going to a restaurant and being told to "admire" the buffet table, but you're not allowed to fucking eat. What a crock!

I think I'm just jealous.

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