Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Australian Army: a classy bunch

"An army chopper crew has been stood down after a crewman issued a very public invitation for women to "show us your tits" at the recent Indy 300 car race on the Gold Coast.

Unfortunately for the crew of Iroquois helicopter No 295, an onlooker in a high-rise flat snapped a photo of the sign displayed by a crewman as the chopper flew along the beachfront on October 23.

The image ended up on the website of the Professional Pilots Rumour Network.

The photo attracted a variety of mostly approving comments on the website's forum, including "Onya boys!!!!" and "Now how about the shots taken from the helicopter please?"

A spokesman for the Australian Defence Force said it was aware of the incident and did not approve.

"This type of behaviour is totally unacceptable and will not be condoned by the Australian Army," the spokesman said.

"An investigation is under way and the crew of the aircraft have been stood down while the investigation is under way."

The spokesman said the crew was stood down as soon as the army became aware of the incident in the past week. " News.com.au

Aussie aussie aussie! Whilst I categorically despise Australians (with a few notable exceptions, such as Merv Hughes and Kylie Minogue), I think this is bloody fantastic. Good on 'yer! I wish I had a helicopter so that I could harrass girls. Well, apart from the chopper in my pants, that is. Although that normally does the trick. Enough.

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