Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Even pirates keep blogs, it seems.

"Battled a giant squid this morning. I found the brute sat in the bath, eating my best dressing gown.

If you should ever find yourself attacked by a giant squid, it's actually a lot easier to deal with than you might think:

1) punch the squid on its sensitive beak to make the brute chase after you (don't wear your good shirt for this, because cleaning off ink can be a nightmare)

2) let the squid chase you onto the deck of your boat, where you will of course have already had your loyal pirate crew put down a big sheet of glass.

3) glass is invisible, so the squid won't know anything about it until he's slithered his way onto it - by which time it will be too late, because the suckers on his tentacles will have stuck fast to the shiny glass surface.

Then you can just spend the afternoon throwing barnacles at him."

It makes for pretty amusing reading. Check it out.

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