Monday, October 25, 2004

Temptation, temptation

"Cambodia (News24) - Two Buddhist monks abandoned their vows after they fell in love with teenage girls who sold beer across from their temple in central Cambodia, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The two monks - Nang Pong and Vom Vong, both 19 - gave up their monastic lives on Thursday after the chief monk at their temple accused them of secretly courting the girls in violation of Buddhist precepts, The Cambodia Daily reported.

I guess that's what happens when you decide to open a temple across the way from Hooters. Unless there's some kind of silent "master plan", that is, in which case its a brilliant tactical move.

In other news, a man in Uzbekistan recently also fell in love with a woman who sold him beer. Heck, does anyone else notice a pattern developing? Does woman+beer=love? Or does woman+beer=loadsof6a.m.hungoverregret? I guess it all depends on how effective your beer goggles are. Or whether you're a monk (in which case, tits and a pulse will do, i suppose).

Thanks to Harps, our man in the field.

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