Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Team America: the lyrics

Much as I would hate to ruin anything for anyone ahead of the highly anticipated South African release of Team America, I stumbled across a compendium of the lyrics to the movie's songs. And, I gotta admit, there are a couple of shit funny numbers. Granted, the less brazen of them will require a movie context, and so a lot of the humour is probably wasted without the visual. But does America Fuck Yeah! require context? You be the judge:


America. America. America F@#k Yeah.

Comin' again to save the motherf@#king day,
America, f@#k yeah!
Freedom is the only way, yeah.

Terrorist your game is through
'cause now you have to answer to America, fuck yeah.
So lick my butt and suck on my balls.
America, f@#k yeah.

What ya gonna do when we come fo' you now?
It's the dream that we all share, it's the hope for tomorrow.
F@#k yeah.
McDonalds, Wal-mart, the Gap, baseball, NFL, rock 'n roll, the internet, slavery, F@#k yeah, f@#k yeah.

Starbucks, Disneyworld, porno, valium, Reebok, fake tits, sushi, Taco Bell, rodeo, BedBath and Beyond.
Liberty, waxed lips, the Alamo, Band-Aids, Christmas, immigrants, Popeye, Democrats, Republicans, sportsmanship, books.

Sad F@#k Yeah
America, f@#k yeah.
Comin' again to save the motherf@#king day yeah.

America, f@#k yeah.
Freedom is the only way yeah.

Terrorist your game is through.
Now you have to answer to America, f@#k yeah.
America, f@#k yeah."

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