Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Rumsfeld says no WMD's

In not so shocking news (but great news nevertheless), US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld (who's term has arguably been a bumpy one), has now confirmed that US intelligence was "wrong" in concluding that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and that he "simply doesn't know" the reasons for the error. Rumsfeld added that, to his knowledge, he had "not seen any strong, hard evidence that links the two".

Only four months or so ago, in June, Vice President Dick Cheney reported that: "There clearly was a relationship [between Saddam Hussein and Iraq]. It's been testified to. The evidence is overwhelming".

These remarks come less than a week after the Kerry-Bush Presidential Debate, in which Bush fiercely defended (blah blah blah, doesn't he always) his position apropos the war on Iraq. It now seems that, according to a leading figure in his cabinet, the only two reasons for the Iraqi invasion lack any real substance whatsoever. Of course, we all knew this anyway, but confirmation from someone in the know (and who better than Rumsfeld?) is bloody marvelous. The fact that Rumsfeld is himself a veritable ass-sucking puppet-boy in the field on international politics (probably even monkey politics too), and the Bush administration's whipping boy, will be conveniently overlooked.

No WMD's. No ostensible relationship between Saddam and al Qaeda. So why did the US go to war? The answer is simple: George Bush is a fucking donkey idiot cock with flapping ears and a face you want to smash with bricks. Now THAT should get canvassed in the Debates.


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