Thursday, October 28, 2004

Multiple Origami

"A paper-folding expert claims to have erected the world's biggest origami penis.

Nick Robinson was celebrating the launch of his new book, Adult Origami, in London.

The 10ft 7in penis was constructed by Tower Bridge and in the shadow of London's Gherkin skyscraper.

Nick spent 33 minutes 15 seconds struggling with a huge sheet of paper as he worked on folding the giant phallus.

He then transported the penis to City Hall to amuse passers-by and officials watching from the uppermost balcony." Ananova

Wow! This guy is a paper-folding expert! Blimey! Maybe for his next trick he'll build the world's largest paper asshole, and then wear it around London as a hat. If I was this guy's boss (not at International Paper Folding Inc, mind you), I'd fire him for being a twisted, boring twat, and for wasting valuable office paper supplies. No doubt he's got lots of little Post-it vaginas and boobs scattered around his desk.

Clearly this dude has a teeny knob (you know what they say...small real penis, humungous paper dick), but for the love of all things bright and beautiful, think about the Amazon! How many tiny, otherwise insignificant species are now extinct because this guy folded a big, stupid cock? Oooh, it makes me mad!

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