Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Moon Unit Zappa has the weirdest name in the world

...and its official, according to Ananova.

The top twenty fucked-up names, according to a poll of 1000 Poms between the ages of 18 to 25, are the following:

1) Moon Unit; Frank/Gail Zappa
2) Fifi Trixibelle; Paula Yates/Bob Geldof
3) Satchel; Mia Farrow/Woody Allen
4) Apple; Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin
5) Daisy Boo; Julia/Jamie Oliver
6) Rumer; Demi Moore/Bruce Willis
7) Peaches; Paula Yates/Bob Geldof
8) River; Arlyn/John Phoenix
9) Rocco; Madonna/Guy Ritchie
10) Nell Marmalade; Helen Baxendale/David Eliot
11) Maddox; Angelina Jolie/(Adopted)
12) Tiger Lily Heavenly Hirani; Paula Yates/Michael Hutchence
13) Dweezil; Frank/Gail Zappa
14) Brooklyn: Victoria/David Beckham
15) Eugenie; Sarah Ferguson/Prince Andrew
16) Zowie; Angie/David Bowie
17) Rolan; Gloria Jones/Marc Bolan
18) Phoenix Chi; Mel C/Jimmy Gulzar
19) Coco; Courtney Cox/David Arquette
20) Romeo; Victoria/David Beckham

Let's not forget how reliable and unbiased these polls are - less than 5 years ago, a similar such poll of ignorant, oxygen-starved Brits voted Steps as the most influential band in history, ahead of the Beatles and Elvis.

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