Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hoe om te vloek

Are you a foreigner or just a regular soutie from Durbs? Have you ever wanted to say something nasty to a boer in Afrikaans - with confidence? Well now, with new Insultmonger, you can!

First lesson: "kak" = shit

Second lesson: "poephol" = asshole

Third lesson: "Suig aan my aambeie en wag vir beter dae" = Suck on my hemorrhoids and wait for better days

and...Finally: "Sy is so jags sy drup soos 'n perkuleerder" = She is so horny she drips like a percolator.

(They get worse, but lots of little girls visit my site, and I wanted to keep it relatively clean).

Check out the link - thanks to smg (I think).

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