Friday, October 01, 2004

Gareth Cliff: Guilty

"Johannesburg - Jokes about mental illness are out.

This was the ruling of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission after comments by 5fm DJ, Gareth Cliff.

Cliff said on air that people who suffer from mental illness "should be chained in a cell and fed porridge".

The controversial DJ was found guilty of inciting violence against the mentally ill.

Cliff said on his drive-time show on June 22 that courts should mete out heavier punishments to those who are mentally ill because "they are a danger to society"

Damn! I actually heard his quip that day, and remember thinking to myself: "What a fucking tit! You can't say that on radio?". Looks like I was right! Sadly, its not the first time that this asshole has made stupid comments like this on air - I've heard him pass a few borderline racist comments before. And then of course there's his usual, incessant stream of bullshit. I don't like Gareth Cliff much. For every amusing thing he says, he vomits up something that really pisses me off. I'm just glad that there are people out there who agree with me.

Article: http://www.news24.com/News24/Entertainment/Local/0,,2-1225-1242_1598263,00.html

(Sorry bout the lack of visual, even though Gareth Cliff's an ugly tosser, but my photo hosting website is giving me shit again - fuck them too!)

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