Thursday, October 21, 2004

a device that can straighten bananas

IOL reports: Berlin - A German man, who earlier this year tried to have Santa Claus banned, says he has a device that can straighten bananas.

Karl-Friedrich Lentze said he has been flooded with calls from people wanting to use his method for what he calls the cigar-banana.

The 56-year-old from Berlin has even gone so far as to apply for a patent. His application included sketches showing how bananas will be carried along on a conveyor belt while robots chop out the curvy bits.

He told German newspaper Bild: "This is the biggest thing since sliced bread - the straight banana. Depending on the degree of the curve, chunks will be cut out of the banana, which are then resealed using a biologically safe plaster."

He said the curvy chunks wouldn't be wasted as they could be dried or used in fruit salad.

"Once people get used to them I believe the straight cigar-banana will drive the curved banana from the market. It's easier to eat, and easier to store. - Ananova.com

Thanks to Robere for this valuable information

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