Monday, October 11, 2004

The Bush diaries

Shocking! Contraversial! Quite funny!

Check out George Dubbya's personal diary - whilst it makes for entertaining light reading, it is of grave concern that the author is pretty much running the world.

Here's an excerpt:

"Monday, 27 September 2004:

Dear Diarhea (he-he),

Today was a really fun day. The flight crew of Air Force One let me back the plane out of the hangar. I had no idea pilots nowadays had so many buttons to push. Back when I flew in Air National Guard, all we had was the stick driving thingie and the little globe that showed if you were going N or E or S or W. I always liked going W because of my nick name, "Dubya." Later on, the captain gave me a really cool plastic Air Force One lapel pin. Laura had to put it on me because the pin kept poking me when I did it

And before any snotty Republicans get all up in my ass about this: its not really his diary.

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