Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Ashlee Simpson's lip synching debacle

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - Ashlee Simpson is reportedly taking the heat for deciding to lip-sync during a performance on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, a plan that backfired when the vocals to the wrong song were audible during her second appearance.

Simpson had already performed her single "Pieces of You" and had returned to the "SNL" stage to run through the title track of her Geffen debut album, "Autobiography." As the band kicked into the song, her vocals to the first song were heard while Simpson held her microphone at her side.

Flustered, she improvised a few dance steps before bolting from the stage. NBC quickly cut to a commercial.

At the close of the show, Simpson deflected the blame, telling the viewing audience "I feel so bad. My band started playing the wrong song." Geffen issued a statement blaming a computer glitch that should have played pre-recorded percussion rather than the "Pieces of You" vocals.

Yes, I know we don't get Saturday Night Live in South Africa (and what a crying shame that is too!), and that no-one really gives a crap about Ashlee Simpson (sister of Britney-wannabe, Jessica), but this little hiccup did make serious entertainment headlines around the world (read: "America"), and it serves as a reminder as to just how useless live TV can be these days.

Did the music industry not learn from Milli Vanilli? Or Beethoven (he was deaf - his crap must have been pre-recorded)? Young Ashlee's pretty fortunate, because no-one really thinks she sings all that well anyway, and I guess most of her audience (decked out in training bra's and Tinkerbell makeup....oooohh, shivers) don't really give a fuck either. So no big loss. Right?

But, to Ashlee's pubescent credit, she eventually took the blame herself: "I'll hold my head high and say I think it was silly of me to do it, silly of me to blame the band, I was just so f---ing embarrassed," she added. "But I don't think it did me much harm, and people will see that soon."

Good girl - taken like a real woman! She moves up a notch or two in my belt - largely due to the dirty talk, of course.

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