Thursday, October 28, 2004

Ashlee Simpson...again

Sorry to bring up the topic again, but little Ashlee has publicly responded to the widespread furor surrounding her recent little lip synching blips on Saturday Night Live. Here's what she wrote in her diary (available on her official site, for all you weirdo fans):

"I'm sure you all have figured out how crazy its been the last few days,but I just wanted to personally write to y'all-my true fans-and thank you for your support and love. I have decided to speak openly and honestly about what happened on snl because I want you guys to know what really happened. My acid reflux started acting up and I know my real fans know that music and performing is my true passion and you support me for that....I couldn't control what happened that day. People always say things that are hurtful,and I encourage my fans to do what I do and not read what people are saying on the internet...in a couple of days everyone's attention will be on someone else. As far as me and my band are concerned...we are all a family and love each other very much-they are the best guys in the world and I wouldn't want anyone else to be with me at this time.

Keep up the support...its the love my fans have shown me that makes me want to go back out there and continue to prove all the negative press wrong!

Acid reflux?? What the bull fucking crap? I get acid reflux every now and then, but mostly after I've been drinking myself close to catatonia. Is Ashlee suggesting she's a booze hound? Hell, I like her even more! And "y'all"?? Its fucked up enough to say it, but this bimbo is actually writing it? No wonder the broader American populace is so impressed by George Bush! In the land of the brain dead, the man with a stone and two walnuts in his skull is king, I guess.

Let's wait and see what the media reaction to acid-fucking-reflux is, shall we?



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