Thursday, September 09, 2004

Would you let this man pilot your plane?

"WASHINGTON - Newly unearthed memos state George W. Bush was suspended from flying for the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam war because he failed to meet Guard standards and failed to take his annual flight physical as required.

The suspension came as Bush was trying to arrange a transfer to non-flying status with a unit in Alabama so he could work on a political campaign there. "
Democratic Party chairman Terry McAuliffe said, "George W. Bush's cover story on his National Guard service is rapidly unraveling. ... George W. Bush needs to answer why he regularly mislead the American people about his time in the Guard and who applied political pressure on his behalf to have his performance reviews 'sugarcoated'"

Read more:http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20040909/ap_on_go_pr_wh/bush_national_guard&cid=544&ncid=716

I have to take my hat off to the Texas Air National Guard for realising, finally, that George W was, is, and forever will be, too fat and stupid to fly a plane. Frankly, I wouldn't trust him to fly a kite. In other news, theorists suggest that Bush's War on Terror is, in fact, just a big cover-up for a little DUI incident in which Georgie swerved his "borrowed" 747 to miss a pigeon and rear-ended the World Trade Centre. With an endorsed license, nogal.

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