Thursday, September 23, 2004

Whoo-hoo! Another Oscar hopeful!

"Perhaps taking a cue from Eric Cartman, Johnny Knoxville sets his sights on duping the judges at the Special Olympics in The Ringer. Knoxville plays Steve Barker, a guy so down on his luck that he pretends to be intellectually challenged in order to win in the Special Olympics.

But it's no surprise, of course, that his fellow competitors are in much better shape and are all around much better people than Barker. They know he's a fraud, but they don't bring it to the judges' attention. Instead, they enlist Barker to help them defeat perennial winner Jimmy."

Oooh, baby! Am I looking forward to this one. Helming it are the Farrelly brothers (of There's Something About Mary, Me, Myself and Irene and Stuck on You fame), so it should be worth a few laughs. Watch out for Mungo in the shot-put! And I couldn't help noticing the cute reference to perennial winner Jimmy. Perhaps there's something Mr Steere has been hiding from us all?

Apparently its scheduled for release State-side in November, so I guess we'll be booking our tickets in 2007.

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