Thursday, September 30, 2004

This blog could get me fired.

Apparently, and thanks to the wonderous Canadian courts, there is now international precedent to support the contention that blogging could get the blogger fired!

"When Penny Cholmondeley found piles of abandoned machinery and rusted cans lying on the snowy tundra outside Iqaluit, she decided they were a "fascinating source of visual material" and posted pictures of the garbage on her personal Internet blog.

Her boss at the Nunavut Tourism agency didn't think the 29-year-old's on-line journal showed off Iqaluit's Arctic charms, however, and fired her from her job as tourism marketing officer.

At the time of her dismissal in July, Ms. Cholmondeley said she never expected her case to get much attention. But her firing has stirred up a buzz among bloggers as the latest example of the collision between business interests, freedom of speech, and the popular on-line diaries known as Web logs, or blogs".

Whilst this does irk me a tad, I think it is quite obvious (although I will state it expressly neveretheless) that the opinions posted on Splattermail in no way represent the opinions of my employers or fellow employees (who shall remain anonymous). Are we cool?

Now, here's an opinion: fuck Canada for adding to my already unnecessarily high stress levels.

(Thanks to m and d for the heads-up.)

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