Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Paris Hilton (Pty) Ltd

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Celebrity socialite Paris Hilton, who shot to infamy after a raunchy sex video of her flooded the Internet, now is teaching girls how to behave and let their "inner heiress out."

The 23-year-old Hilton dishes out her pearls of party-life wisdom in a 178-page book, "Confessions of an Heiress," published this month by Fireside, which is more scrapbook than memoir, with pictures outnumbering paragraphs.

Now one thing is certain -- Hilton is a hot property and she's playing it to the hilt. Besides her book, the former model has launched a jewelry line, and applied to trademark her name and copyright a tiara logo. She plans to put the Paris Hilton brand on clothes, perfumes, makeup and shoes.

"It's all about taking charge and branding yourself," Hilton said. "I think we're living in a moment when having a career, especially a really glamorous one, is very sexy."

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Good ol' Paris Hilton. You can shoot me for saying it (aim to miss, please), but I find Ms Hilton highly entertaining. She gets a lot of stick for being famous for nothing, but every time someone criticises her in the media on this point, they only contribute to the noise. I say: Good on yer, Paris! And now that Britney and Kev are flogging the beast with two backs in the honeymoon suite at some tacky dive in Arkansas, Paris has cemented herself near the top of my celeb wishlist.

Having so said, I feel I must differ with Paris about glamorous jobs. I work in the backroom of Hell Inc., and I'm feeling incredibly sexy right now. Honestly.

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