Thursday, September 23, 2004

Fantastic Four sneak peeks

Maybe you losers won't find this nearly as exciting as I do, but the following teaser pics from 20th Century Fox have been released in an attempt to kick start the hype for The Fantastic Four, scheduled to be released in the States only on 1 July 2005 (when it will go up against Spielberg's greatly anticipated War of the Worlds , starring Tom Cruise) ahead of 4 July (that's Independence Day for those of you stupid enough not to realise).

The movie stars Jessica Alba (ooooooh...shivers) as Sue Storm (aka Ms Fantastic), Welshman and Sir Lancelot Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards (aka Mr Fantastic), Not Another Teen Movie and Cellular's Chris Evans as Johnny Storm (aka The Human Torch), and stalwart The Shield Emmy-winner (he was funnier in The Commish), Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm (aka The Thing).

Sorry about the size of the pictures, but I reckon they're worth it!

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