Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Do-it-yourself stomach stapling

"A controversial medical supply company has incurred the wrath of the healthcare establishment by selling do-it-yourself stomach-stapling kits to obese Americans!

The so-called Belly-Buster Kits, which cost just $69.99, come complete with disposable scalpels and surgical instruments for carving through blubber, as well as what's described as an "industrial grade" staple gun. There's even a helpful 22- minute instructional videotape to guide novices through what's called a "quick and easy" procedure."

I love Americans. I think the Federal government should issue every fat American with a stomach-stapling kit. George Dubbya should also get one for his fat head. Actually, I hate Americans. But I love their stupid ideas. Except for the whole Iraq thing, that is.

Read more about stupid Americans:

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