Thursday, September 02, 2004

Britney's Spear-mint

"Buyers are chomping at the, um, bids for Britney Spears' used chewing gum on eBay. The market for her sticky spoils has been volatile, with prices stretching at one point to nearly $3 million. Nearly two dozen listings for her used gum have popped up since the "original" auction appeared last month".

Even by my low standards, this is f*&king pathetic. What the f*&k do you do with Britney's used chewing gum? For $3 million, I'd fly first class to New York, LA and Louisiana to look for the tubby bitch, bribe her maid to let me into the place where she's staying, and have a tug in her bed, shower and on her toothbrush. If you're going to be a useless little pervert, at least do in style, especially if you've got the cash to f*&k around with. Alternatively, the idiot $3 million bidder can give me the money, and I'll go and steal all her XXLarge underwear for him to wear on his head.

Read more: http://entertainment.tv.yahoo.com/entnews/eo/20040901/109409910000.html

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