Thursday, September 16, 2004

Bad dog! Bad driving!

"WHITEHORSE (Canada) - A pedestrian in a Whitehorse suburb was taken aback Tuesday night when a dog drove by in a red pickup truck.

Police say a person was out for a walk when the truck with a black Labrador at the wheel passed by. When the police arrived, the truck was in the middle of Thompson Road in Granger, blocking traffic. The dog was still behind the wheel.

The RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police, I'm guessing] went door to door in the neighbourhood, and eventually found the owner. He was was watching the World Cup hockey game with a friend.

Police say the dog likely knocked the truck into gear causing it to roll down the hill. There were no injuries or damages, and no indication from police they plan to charge the owner".

This is fantastic! Canada's finally catching up with South Africa, where its pretty much the norm to see panting mongrels racing mini-bus taxis and f*&king up the traffic. I've had enough.

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