Thursday, August 26, 2004


Hello, turdburglars. Long have I been purveying filth to those fortunate enough to know me, but never before have I ventured beyond the realms of Microsoft Outlook in furthering my nefarious designs. So thanks to Oros Gray for suggesting I start blogging.

On this, my maiden voyage, I urge you all to check in periodically, and to chip in with your comments where appropriate (or inappropriate - whatever). I will do my utmost to share with you all the treasures of cyberspace that vaguely interest me, so you can expect plenty of boobs and hot ass, movie news, Paris Hilton, annoying trivia, Britney Spears, filth, filth, filth and porn. From time to time, I might even regale you with fantasmical tales of my exploits and adventures.

Thanks for visiting, come again soon. I know I will. Ha ha.


Ps. check out this link - click on "Magnificent 7" (the Sun is a beaut!)

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