Tuesday, August 31, 2004

BMW Polo

The BMW International Polo match between South Africa and Canada on Sunday, 29 August 2004, saw South Africa run out convincing victors by 14 goals to 7. It should be borne in mind, however, that the Canadians were riding loaner ponies (they couldn't bring their horsies over cos of the horse flu), which most probably had a sizeable impact on the end result. Specially seeing as one of the Mounties got chucked by his rent-a-hos a few times. And, of course, because we dumped a bankie of Mellville's finest into their alfalfa somewhere into the 2nd chukka.

In spite of the dust that I'm still hacking out of my lungs, a good day was had by all. I think. But how can you go wrong with bottles of 'ol JC le Roux, smoked salmon and trout? And my cheese and ham rolls? And in Toadie and Bitchard's case, a rollicking 69'er only seconds after the last photo was taken. HOO-HA!

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